About Highland Solar

WHAT: A new, 300-megawatt solar farm being built in Highland County, Ohio.

WHERE: The Highland Solar farm will be located in portions of both Clay and Whiteoak Townships in Highland County, Ohio.

We selected this location after analyzing other suitable sites and using selection criteria including:

WHY: Solar energy is an abundant, sustainable source of zero-carbon electricity generation.

Community Benefits: Once in operation, Highland Solar will be a significant new taxpayer in Highland County. Other community benefits include:

Good Neighbors: We are committed to continued community and stakeholder engagement during the construction and operations of the solar farm.
Please reach out to us with any questions or comments.

About Us

D.E. Shaw Renewable Investments (DESRI) is a leading renewable energy developer, owner, and operator.

We work with local partners to develop solar projects in close coordination with our home communities. We have a history of collaborating with local partners and landowners to respond to their individual concerns.

In conjunction with industry and academic experts, we have created construction and management techniques that help to reduce environmental impact, as well as improve and maintain soil health.

Our design and procurement strategies focus on using advanced solar panel and racking technologies to help maximize production and minimize project footprint.

Rancho Seco Solar II, Sacramento County

Rancho Seco Solar II, Sacramento County